Bird Species at Tamala

Observe and Conserve

The following is a list of Bird Species that have been spotted at Tamala.

Birds Australia

Birds Australia has an amazing bird guide prepared for the shark bay area.

You can download the PDF of Birds of Shark Bay which is a 3 page document.

They also have published a guide for Birdwatching around Shark Bay.

Birds Australia is a non-profit organisation working for the enjoyment, study and conservation of Australia’s birds.

The Western Australian members of Birds Australia are state-wide and are offered a variety of activities and services including conservation and research projects, excursions, camp-outs, bird surveys and social activities.

They have a range of library books for sale and information about birds.

To view the full range of bird guides and bird lists, visit their web site.
Nankeen Kestral

Need to know more?

Contact them at:

Birds Australia Western Australia

167 Perry Lakes Drive Floreat

WA 6014 Weekdays 9.30 – 12.30pm

Prepared by Birds Australia Western Australia

Ph: 08 9383 7749
Fax: 08 387 8412



Tamala station will remain closed for camping until further notice.

Tamala now has an Indigenous Land Use Agreement over the whole of the Station which has impacted most of the camping areas.

We are required to now submit an application for a new camping licence.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take any bookings until the application has been approved by the DPLH.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this causes our customers.

18th May 2020