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Where is
Tamala Station?

Tamala Station, Nanga, Shark Bay

Tamala station is located in Western Australia and is part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Tamala and the Shark Bay areas are renowned for their camping, fishing and tourist activities year round, its a popular destination for the grey nomads to relax and enjoy the unspoilt beauty.

Nature at its best

Tamala and Shark bay are home to an incredible array of Bird and Wildlfe species.

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Welcome to Tamala Station. Your hosts Teresa and Ron Ried are contactable via email or phone during the hours of 9-6pm Monday-Saturday.

Tamala station will remain closed for camping until further notice.

Tamala now has an Indigenous Land Use Agreement over the whole of the Station which has impacted most of the camping areas.

We are required to now submit an application for a new camping licence.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take any bookings until the application has been approved by the DPLH.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this causes our customers.

18th May 2020